What a disaster!

Well, November has come and has almost gone. My attempt at writing 50,000 words for the National Novel Writing Month, has proved to be an unmitigated disaster!

Perhaps next year?

I could trot out a number of excuses like health, computer failure or poor discipline, but I will not.  The biggest thing I learnt, apart from the need for a fanatical discipline, is to teach myself to switch off my need to continually self edit the rolling input. The furious number crunching style of entering the hundreds of words, just did not sit easy with me.

I have this wish to be swallowed up in the story line, perfecting it in the first draft.

Sad, but true?

The time for madness

Brief note to myself.
November has arrived and it is time to put aside all distractions and get that novel written.
50,000 words plus what ever else I can squeeze out of these two typing fingers.
Watch this space?

What is happened? Has the world taken leave of its senses?

Where has the Freshly Pressed section of the WordPress.com homepage gone to or have I had a frontal labotomy whilst I was asleep?

My inspirational muse has apparently been hi-jacked by the guys and dolls at WordPress.com. Thanks a bunch Jack!

To hell with the WP-editor-FP-scourers!

It has just gone 01h30 in the morning. That’s half past one in the morning in the UK to you time zone freaks!

It has been a rough day, with an early night trying, without success, to catch up on some much needed sleep.

OK, I know what you are thinking; stop being a cry baby, get over myself and go back to achieving great things.
But let me tell you anyway. I got nothing better to do at this ungodly hour and neither have you by the looks of it!
You reading this are you not?

I will endeavour to keep it short.
I got out of bed at 6.
Switched on the coffee machine – if did not work – it was no more, gone to the happy hunting grounds of all coffee makers, one day after their warranty expires.
Sat down in front of the computer to put in my two hours of writing,
Did I mention that this is done with morning coffee?
Computer failed to get going. Got up and checked the lights. No lights.
Grabbed the mobile phone and called the utility company.
Debit order from bank to pay for electricity had ‘bounced’.
Spent 21/2 hours with a call centre provided gold class service to the banks premium customers.
Have you ever dealt with a call centre? Give me a break!

And so the day continued. I won’t bore you anymore.
You are still reading?
So here I am in the small hours of the morning, trying to chill out.

I just came across some of the WordPress Freshly Squeezed offerings and their blog, explaining how they, these fine young cannibals, select which blogs make the A List.

To hell with the WP-editor-FP-scourers!

Something for The Write Practice – use of ‘per se’?

Currently, I am following what a certain politician said or did not say to officers of the law and sadly, this story has been raised from the levels of pure stupidity to that of being very annoying.

The final straw for me would be if this person, who in my opinion is suffering from poor judgement, would answer his critics by saying, “I did not use those words, per se, but …”
That would really send me around the twist!

Having grown up in a country where millions of people were disenfranchised, I developed an interest in politics from an early age.  Some smart person once told me that if I ever wanted to understand something, I should read a newspaper, but not just one, but as many different publications as possible. Guess it was a way of telling me to obtain a balanced point of view?

Since the sixties, things have speeded up a bit and the media and their reporting are no exception. All sorts of attention grabbing stories are now instantly streamed to your favourite smartphone.

So, with the 57th quadrennial presidential election taking place in the USA on
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and the UK election to the 56th parliament to be held on 7 May 2015, we are in for some interesting reporting. Let us hope that these writers report the facts?

Neuroplasticity – Creative genius Program by Phil South.

I spent this morning reviewing the Creative Genius Program by Phil South. ( Have a look at the full version – http://writingfit.com/ )

A knock on the front door interrupted my reading. After I had dispensed with the pest, I happened to look down at one of the flower boxes. There, resting alone, was a leaf from  a nearby tree.
I returned indoors, but that leaf had got me thinking and soon a poem was generated.

The First Leaf.

The first leaf fell today
I wonder what it is trying to say
It came to rest on the ground
Not a whimper of a sound.

A contradiction in the weather
Forcing it to loose its tether
That caused it to let go
And fall to earth so slow.

Does the summer morning light
Begin to hide from sight
First by a minute or two
Slow to come into our view.

Has summer really gone
Before it has sung its song
The first leaf fell today
I wonder what it is trying to say.

Now, I am not a great lover of poems, so this reaction is rather strange. Had the review of Phil’s Creative Genius Program started its thing on my crusty old brain? It sure looks like it!

Becoming a Guru?

Becoming a Guru?

For some time now, I have been struggling to transfer my Blog to a permanent place, out there on the ether.

I want to write, but I am spending too much time trying to learn from the experts out there.

I mean, how many experts are out there, offering Heinz’s 57 points to becoming a better this or that?

And furthermore, what defines a Guru? Can I become a Guru?

I then read all the warnings about ‘those’ misleading Gurus and then came across this.


Only I can decide.