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Scripts or TV shows for channel ratings?

In a country where Political Correctness has often annoyed the average Joe Soap, the rhetoric offered up in Channel 4’s documentary, Proud and Prejudiced, could be seen as a perverted swing in the other direction?

Normally, I am not one to watch these types of documentaries as I feel they are more like a ‘Celebrity, get me out of here’ type show, with participants from some weird and wonderful walks of life.
I wonder if the majority of the good people from the Bradford/Luton area are really like this.

Do script writers (or producers and directors) have a certain obligation to honestly reflect the facts behind certain events, or do the ratings take precedent over all else?

Well, by the end of the program, I was left with the feeling that it was so similar to the TV shows I had seen about South Africa, during and after the Apartheid era. Sadly I wondered out loud whether the English rugby team was going to be sanctioned in some way or the other. I was left with a sad feeling.

And finally, while writers enjoy the freedom of free expression, it should be tempered with some responsibility. No one could possibly want any form of censorship, but putting out what appeared to be a slanted view, could do more harm than good. I must watch the complete series and then form an opinion.