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45 year Flashback in 60 seconds?

Midweek morning Blog post got hijacked.

I was going to wax lyrical about the pros & cons of something important, but then I received a blast from the past, with a newsletter from my old high school.

There are so many great things that are happening in South Africa, not all making the ‘Headlines’. These photos and Blog posts from that part of the world, show that the younger generation are doing just fine and that the future of that wonderful country is in good hands.


As days go by.

Ever had a difficult day, when you just did not get around to doing most of the things that you wanted to do?
That roar of “You betcha!” was deafening.

Yesterday, the 5th March, 2012 was such a day. Somehow, I managed to fiddle my day into a complete state of chaos. Not that I am fanatically disciplined in the first place; I was, after all, born in May and hence, fall foul of being controlled by that ‘Gemini’ thing.

Amongst other things, I was supposed to do my blog post on the 5th and in doing so, maintain my Blogging tempo of a post a day for a month.
While thinking about this, my boss lady looked at me and said, “Now what are you up to?” Does she know me or what? Be scared, very scared!

OK, so I will confess. I have back dated my computer’s date, just to see if this post appears on the 5th. If it works, don’t you dare tell anyone. If it does not, well it was fun trying to be evil and the bottom line is that I got to enter this post anyway.


Change of Theme

Decided to change my theme to ‘Skeptical’.

It appeared to offer more formatting; only time will tell?
Will be upgrading to a dot com domain real soon; again for greater flexibilty.
First to find a relable & preferably highly recommended hosting company that backs up its
bragging with honest to good customer service.