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Neuroplasticity – Creative genius Program by Phil South.

I spent this morning reviewing the Creative Genius Program by Phil South. ( Have a look at the full version – )

A knock on the front door interrupted my reading. After I had dispensed with the pest, I happened to look down at one of the flower boxes. There, resting alone, was a leaf from  a nearby tree.
I returned indoors, but that leaf had got me thinking and soon a poem was generated.

The First Leaf.

The first leaf fell today
I wonder what it is trying to say
It came to rest on the ground
Not a whimper of a sound.

A contradiction in the weather
Forcing it to loose its tether
That caused it to let go
And fall to earth so slow.

Does the summer morning light
Begin to hide from sight
First by a minute or two
Slow to come into our view.

Has summer really gone
Before it has sung its song
The first leaf fell today
I wonder what it is trying to say.

Now, I am not a great lover of poems, so this reaction is rather strange. Had the review of Phil’s Creative Genius Program started its thing on my crusty old brain? It sure looks like it!


Becoming a Guru?

Becoming a Guru?

For some time now, I have been struggling to transfer my Blog to a permanent place, out there on the ether.

I want to write, but I am spending too much time trying to learn from the experts out there.

I mean, how many experts are out there, offering Heinz’s 57 points to becoming a better this or that?

And furthermore, what defines a Guru? Can I become a Guru?

I then read all the warnings about ‘those’ misleading Gurus and then came across this.

Only I can decide.