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To hell with the WP-editor-FP-scourers!

It has just gone 01h30 in the morning. That’s half past one in the morning in the UK to you time zone freaks!

It has been a rough day, with an early night trying, without success, to catch up on some much needed sleep.

OK, I know what you are thinking; stop being a cry baby, get over myself and go back to achieving great things.
But let me tell you anyway. I got nothing better to do at this ungodly hour and neither have you by the looks of it!
You reading this are you not?

I will endeavour to keep it short.
I got out of bed at 6.
Switched on the coffee machine – if did not work – it was no more, gone to the happy hunting grounds of all coffee makers, one day after their warranty expires.
Sat down in front of the computer to put in my two hours of writing,
Did I mention that this is done with morning coffee?
Computer failed to get going. Got up and checked the lights. No lights.
Grabbed the mobile phone and called the utility company.
Debit order from bank to pay for electricity had ‘bounced’.
Spent 21/2 hours with a call centre provided gold class service to the banks premium customers.
Have you ever dealt with a call centre? Give me a break!

And so the day continued. I won’t bore you anymore.
You are still reading?
So here I am in the small hours of the morning, trying to chill out.

I just came across some of the WordPress Freshly Squeezed offerings and their blog, explaining how they, these fine young cannibals, select which blogs make the A List.

To hell with the WP-editor-FP-scourers!


Neuroplasticity – Creative genius Program by Phil South.

I spent this morning reviewing the Creative Genius Program by Phil South. ( Have a look at the full version – )

A knock on the front door interrupted my reading. After I had dispensed with the pest, I happened to look down at one of the flower boxes. There, resting alone, was a leaf from  a nearby tree.
I returned indoors, but that leaf had got me thinking and soon a poem was generated.

The First Leaf.

The first leaf fell today
I wonder what it is trying to say
It came to rest on the ground
Not a whimper of a sound.

A contradiction in the weather
Forcing it to loose its tether
That caused it to let go
And fall to earth so slow.

Does the summer morning light
Begin to hide from sight
First by a minute or two
Slow to come into our view.

Has summer really gone
Before it has sung its song
The first leaf fell today
I wonder what it is trying to say.

Now, I am not a great lover of poems, so this reaction is rather strange. Had the review of Phil’s Creative Genius Program started its thing on my crusty old brain? It sure looks like it!

Does Size Matter?

Don’t even go there!
This is a serious question about getting my (or your) message out there.

So far I have been trying to understand three words that the top writers, bloggers and helpers out there say are important.
Message, Platform and Tribe?

Message – What am I trying to communicate;
Platform – My stage from which I am transmitting my message;
Tribe – Group of people with similar interests, interacting with my message.

So back to this size thing.

Is it important how big my message is? Must it be a mission statement, an earth shattering shout of what I am striving to achieve, or a simple statement, indicating what I like.

I am a writer, both freelance and mainline, creating recordings in various formats. Most of all, I enjoy what I do.
At present, my platform is a wooden soap box; my message is small?
The tribe, well, there are a few followers, even if their stay is brief.

What is important to me at this point in time is to write. To write now and tomorrow. To write continuously.
The rest will sort itself out, with a fair amount of help from those that have been there and done it!

So in between writing, I will be reading.Readingand learning.
And I will be happy.

An Audience with the Pope?

Today, I will put into practice, the growing my audience. What is my audience? To me it is a group of people that wish to read what I write. (Content?) More importantly, is that they interact with me.

 Now I am not being that stupid to say I want to create a following as large as the Pope, or that what I say will be as important as what his Eminence says.
I do want a soapbox to stand on and I do want a crowd to gather around that soapbox.
Then, once the audience has assembled and I have sprouted my words of wisdom, hopefully they will listen and here what I say, so that once they have dispersed, I will then measure the effectiveness of what I have said by the size of the audience’s participation?

 Phew! What a mouthful?

 What to do next?
Let’s assume that I have built my Blog platform and it is in a reasonable state to support that soapbox.

 Audience building – a group, team, like minded people, followers.
Post Title – something that grabs their attention.
Content – is what I write interesting enough?
Interaction – get your Blog users to connect with you.
Retention – making sure your followers stay longer than a day

Have peep at these clever bloggers:

 Now I do not agree with everything the wise people above say, but then I am just pigheaded! It is easier to try what they say rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.
I mean to say that they have, after all, been around the block a few times and achieved success in their respective fields of endeavour.
But it is also great to try your own ideas and after falling down a few times, you may learn a few tricks of your own?

From Client Base to Tribe Building.

How different is Tribe Building from that of making sure your Client Base is always full?
With Client Base, I am of course, referring to what the top salesmen do constantly to ensure their sales figures are always top of the leader board.

It is many years since I was a humble salesman, but apart from the use of some modern-day digital aids, I doubt very much if it has changed much.
Building a great dam (list) of contacts and learning how to be a successful cold calling mechanic. Networking had not quite developed to the level it is today; pity, as it appears to be a great way to build your areas of influence.
Segmentation was also one of the ‘buzz’ words of the day, categorising your clients by their needs and associating them with particular company products.

I never believed in the ‘hard sell’ approach, but rather believed in my customers and my company’s fine products. I felt the and now, that honesty and loyalty to the customer base was more important.
There was one salesman, an extremely successful chap, who often said, “If you want loyalty, then buy a dog!” He did seem to be spending loads of time, plugging the leaks in his reservoir; I wonder why?

I can no longer remember all the techniques, but the bit about getting ‘referrals’ made a good impression on the bank balance.

So what is this Tribe thing all about? Do I, as a wannabe writer, have to go back to the classroom and learn something new?

Why then, would I now need a tribe? I come from a part of the world where there are great tribes, so forming my own unique tribe seemed like trying to reinvent the wheel!

Well, the answer is really quite simple. Those that know better say so.

You want a tribe because they are your readers, the buying public out there, all packaged in a neat bundle by your selection process have needs that only you can fulfill.
And exactly how have you selected them?

You have offered something the can believe in and this adds loyalty to your supply chain; you devise a value added offering that they can trust.
You build a platform of Blogs, social networking sites and other information sources that allow them to return to, time after time, knowing that it is the place where you and only you provide the answers.
These sources are their haven, allowing these followers of yours to react in a positive way, because you provide solutions to their reading needs. Your content is their content.
And if you provide this content on a regular basis, they will keep on returning to the sites you have provided.
Just think about the people you follow, the sites and sources that make you follow them. These Captains of the writing industry are continually promoting themselves in a way that encourages you to seek them out; above all others!

I am not saying that this is going to be an easy process, but, like a professional golfer who practices 1,000 shots out of a bunker trap, until he consistently places the golf ball real close to the pin, it will take a repetitive effort.

Finally, look to your peers. See what they are doing. You could learn a lot?