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What is happened? Has the world taken leave of its senses?

Where has the Freshly Pressed section of the homepage gone to or have I had a frontal labotomy whilst I was asleep?

My inspirational muse has apparently been hi-jacked by the guys and dolls at Thanks a bunch Jack!


365 Things

Busy reading – 365 Things I Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To) (The Digital Writer) [Kindle Edition], The Digital Writer (Author), Jonathan Wondrusch (Illustrator).

Part of the book description stated:

You can write any future you want to.

“The key to success is deciding the future you want, and then determining the cost of that future and whether or not you’re willing to pay the price. If you are, then you must to do everything possible to keep your eye on the prize until you can see the gold finally glistening in your hand.”

Being a struggling writer, I found this extremely uplifting; right up until the postman arrived and dumped the month end bills into my letter box!

I sat back in my chair, staring at the pile of misery and wondered how creative this writer was going to get this month. I looked across at the goldfish bowl, former home of the recently departed ‘Goldie’ and now residence to all the current bills.

The bowl runneth over; again!

Well, one thing was for sure. In the real world of struggling writers, I was in good company. The second revelation was that I was going to need a bigger goldfish bowl.

It was time for a brisk walk outside to clear the depression. Then a cup of tea and back to reading 365 Things.

Senior Moments and the need to stay focused.

Ever have those days when you find you mind drifting away or just forgetting halfway through the writing process, just exactly what you were trying to put across?

Providing that there is no underlying medical reason for this and then you do need to have a chat with your local health care professional, what methods can one adapt to remain focussed on the task at hand?

A friend of mine said he did the following. Before sitting down to write at his particular allocated time & place, he would do all those niggling little tasks that were hanging about; post that cheque, put out the garbage, feed the animals, etc and then go for a brief walk around the neighbourhood.
While on his walk, he would repeat a mantra, relating to the writing task in front of him, forcing out all other thoughts and thus focussing only on the primary task.

Whatever system you use is not important, just as long as it works for you. I would love to hear what YOU do to remain focussed.

Lastly, this little video link summarises how I feel on most days; I am, after all, a senior citizen in training!

Don’t you just love the words ” the process never gets started”?

Politicians, Writers and Authors and Transparency

I spent most of my day reading about what this politician said about that and how they believe it will be better for Joe Public. Within a half an hour, I was fast becoming a raving mad lunatic!

“Why cannot they be more transparent”, I thought. Surely their staff writers understand the meaning?  I decided, in order to be fair, I would research the word ‘Transparent’

The closest I came to a definition as applicable to this rant was:
‘Free from guile; candid or open’.

I then came across this link and believe it goes a long way in explaining what I was trying to achieve. I trust the author does not mind me mentioning his fine article?


Hi There!

Welcome to my blog site,

This blog will record my ramblings as a Freelance Writer, the trials and tribulations I experience whilst earning my spurs.
Once this is achieved, I will wear my boots with impunity?
Should you however, not agree, feel free to comment; It is all about freedom of speech and my ability to delete those I do not like or agree with!