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Something for The Write Practice – use of ‘per se’?

Currently, I am following what a certain politician said or did not say to officers of the law and sadly, this story has been raised from the levels of pure stupidity to that of being very annoying.

The final straw for me would be if this person, who in my opinion is suffering from poor judgement, would answer his critics by saying, “I did not use those words, per se, but …”
That would really send me around the twist!

Having grown up in a country where millions of people were disenfranchised, I developed an interest in politics from an early age.  Some smart person once told me that if I ever wanted to understand something, I should read a newspaper, but not just one, but as many different publications as possible. Guess it was a way of telling me to obtain a balanced point of view?

Since the sixties, things have speeded up a bit and the media and their reporting are no exception. All sorts of attention grabbing stories are now instantly streamed to your favourite smartphone.

So, with the 57th quadrennial presidential election taking place in the USA on
Tuesday, November 6, 2012 and the UK election to the 56th parliament to be held on 7 May 2015, we are in for some interesting reporting. Let us hope that these writers report the facts?