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No, I am nothing like Jeff Goins !

I was standing in a supermarket queue yesterday, watching what a well-balanced lot my fellow shoppers were, when I overheard a mother saying to her child, “I wish you were more like your sister !”
Wow, I thought. If that comment does not screw up that poor child’s life, nothing will?

In this ultra competitive world of ours, we, the great unwashed, are constantly striving to improve our lot, by constantly comparing ourselves to others and in particular, to the standards those people set.

Since starting along this road of being a writer, I have been devouring fast amounts of advice on being a writer, from sources too numerous to mention. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many salient points writers like Jeff Goins puts across, but it is critical that you carve your writing image as an original, not a copy or mirror image of someone else.

They say Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; I am not so sure.


Tempus fugit – a writer’s nightmare?

Sometimes even the most mundane events in a writer’s life, like a minor illness, get in the way of the daily tasks, like sitting down in front of the keyboard and completing the 2 hours creative entry to ones latest writing project.
My constant visits to the throne room, during the last few weeks, left me slightly debilitated and frustrated at the ineffectiveness of the antibiotics I was consuming.

A bathroom contractor has been asked to quote on certain modifications, allowing this writer to maintain his creative typing to be less interrupted and the swing out laptop table will soon be in place! Hopefully, my time management will be retored to normal.