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What a disaster!

Well, November has come and has almost gone. My attempt at writing 50,000 words for the National Novel Writing Month, has proved to be an unmitigated disaster!

Perhaps next year?

I could trot out a number of excuses like health, computer failure or poor discipline, but I will not.  The biggest thing I learnt, apart from the need for a fanatical discipline, is to teach myself to switch off my need to continually self edit the rolling input. The furious number crunching style of entering the hundreds of words, just did not sit easy with me.

I have this wish to be swallowed up in the story line, perfecting it in the first draft.

Sad, but true?


The time for madness

Brief note to myself.
November has arrived and it is time to put aside all distractions and get that novel written.
50,000 words plus what ever else I can squeeze out of these two typing fingers.
Watch this space?