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Success at last – my first rejection letter!

In case you all may have missed it, I am a Writer (thanks Jeff G!) and I have been busy writing and sending out the results to one and all.

I have approached this task in various ways. By selecting recipients in different target markets, researching current topics and responding to submission requests.
Shucks, I even bared my soul to some, explaining what made me ‘tick’ as a writer.

And there it was. My first rejection, in all its glory! OK, so it said I was not the fit they were looking for, whatever that means, but hey guys & dolls, it was still a written reply. This was the only written reply out of some 20 odd submissions.

I am revelling in the sunshine of this acknowledgement! Onward & upward?

This notice will most definitely go on my notice board, along with many other ‘firsts’.


365 Things

Busy reading – 365 Things I Learned the Hard Way (So You Don’t Have To) (The Digital Writer) [Kindle Edition], The Digital Writer (Author), Jonathan Wondrusch (Illustrator).

Part of the book description stated:

You can write any future you want to.

“The key to success is deciding the future you want, and then determining the cost of that future and whether or not you’re willing to pay the price. If you are, then you must to do everything possible to keep your eye on the prize until you can see the gold finally glistening in your hand.”

Being a struggling writer, I found this extremely uplifting; right up until the postman arrived and dumped the month end bills into my letter box!

I sat back in my chair, staring at the pile of misery and wondered how creative this writer was going to get this month. I looked across at the goldfish bowl, former home of the recently departed ‘Goldie’ and now residence to all the current bills.

The bowl runneth over; again!

Well, one thing was for sure. In the real world of struggling writers, I was in good company. The second revelation was that I was going to need a bigger goldfish bowl.

It was time for a brisk walk outside to clear the depression. Then a cup of tea and back to reading 365 Things.

Five things not to tell your wife.

The importance of being truthful to your readers.

What has this got to do with the boss lady? Quite a lot, as both misdemeanors could lead you down a slope of no return.

By this stage, female writers will be smiling knowingly, while guys will be hanging our heads in shame! If you are one of those rare men that are faultless, then I will seek your advice later?

But coming back to writers and being honest with your readers.

In his book “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey, says that lack of integrity and trust in others slows life down and makes it more expensive. He also tells a story of how Warren Buffet did a very large business deal based on a handshake and it only took a few months to close the deal because they had a great deal of trust between them.

Now if we accept that writing is a business like any other business and that your readers are your business partners, your customers and friends, then it is essential that writers when starting out build a sound relationship with their readers. So, when building a report with your prospective readers, remember that they are going to be spending their hard-earned money buying your books, your ‘products’ and  by placing their trust in you, they will enjoy what they read and in return, offer you as the author, the greatest gift of all – referrals!

What is so important about referrals? Well, unless you intend to only write one novel, or one magazine article or one post in a blog, then you are in this for the long haul. You will be building relationships, gathering followers or as Jeff Goins puts it, ‘Building a Tribe’.

Take time as writer to develop these skills. Just as poor writing skills lead to poor content, under developed plots or shoddy grammar, integrity is also in the building mix of solid foundations.

Oh, and now go back and tell your wife that you broke a dish last night when making that midnight snack!