Are you an On-Line Hater?

Came across this interesting competition via Twitter.

Have a look at it at

My entry was as follows:

“I can only dream of building a tribe of digital haters! Being a somewhat silly old foreign ‘Git’ in the land of my forefathers, I spend most of my senior years observing those that walk among us on this wonderful island they call the United Kingdom.

Of course, until now, I have often wondered which side of the fence I sat on?

There is a fine line between those that whinge (which I have been told that the British have turned into an art form) and those that offer constructive criticism.

Then another learned person once advised me that the creator have given me one mouth but TWO ears and that I may just learn more from listening? He also had the audacity to tell me that no one knew I was stupid until I opened my mouth!”

The point that I am trying to make, is that there are many forms of writing out there, but perhaps this is the saddest of them all. Why some people spend their time writing nasty things about others on-line, I do not know. If only they could channel their rage into something more positive. But then again, some would say that this is the very essence of ‘Free Speech’?


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