You are a Writer (So start acting like one)

Need some transparent advice about writing? Then read “You are a Writer” (So start acting like one)

To Jeff Goins , many thanks for sharing this with me.

For some time now, I have been searching for a transparent explanation of why I want to be a writer and indeed the fact that I was already a writer. I just needed some affirmation?

Not a blogger or businessperson?

Around page 20, I got a little bit confused with this statement; further on though, you did explain.

I especially enjoyed the point form of the important bits.

For example, if I needed a platform, then do 1, 2, and 3. Magic!

The Elements of a Brand, namely Name, Image and Voice. Hard hitting specifics!

Your e-book has finally provided me with a clear, no nonsense explanation of how, what where and when; and more importantly, the ‘why’ to writing.

Up until this point, all the resources were confusing me.
I now have a game plan and for this I am grateful.

Once again Jeff, a big thank you.


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About Richard J Lester

I write because I enjoy it and at times, am pretty darn good at it! Do not feel shy, I accept most forms of payment?

2 responses to “You are a Writer (So start acting like one)”

  1. Élan Karpinski (@withElan) says :

    I love that you wrote your post about the ebook directly to Jeff. I agree that it is a great resource for people who long for a career in writing, but aren’t sure where to begin.

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