Does Size Matter?

Don’t even go there!
This is a serious question about getting my (or your) message out there.

So far I have been trying to understand three words that the top writers, bloggers and helpers out there say are important.
Message, Platform and Tribe?

Message – What am I trying to communicate;
Platform – My stage from which I am transmitting my message;
Tribe – Group of people with similar interests, interacting with my message.

So back to this size thing.

Is it important how big my message is? Must it be a mission statement, an earth shattering shout of what I am striving to achieve, or a simple statement, indicating what I like.

I am a writer, both freelance and mainline, creating recordings in various formats. Most of all, I enjoy what I do.
At present, my platform is a wooden soap box; my message is small?
The tribe, well, there are a few followers, even if their stay is brief.

What is important to me at this point in time is to write. To write now and tomorrow. To write continuously.
The rest will sort itself out, with a fair amount of help from those that have been there and done it!

So in between writing, I will be reading.Readingand learning.
And I will be happy.


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About Richard J Lester

I write because I enjoy it and at times, am pretty darn good at it! Do not feel shy, I accept most forms of payment?

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