Painting or Moulding with Words. Does it matter?

I was reading “How to turn your Blog into a book” by Scott Berkun, when I came across the bit about – ‘assumes words are like clay, where you can shove them into any shape you like.’ It continued with explanations about the reading experiences of the two formats.

This caused me to stop reading. Is there a difference?

Whether you are painting a word picture or moulding a story with words, surely the end result is the same?
Surely, it is the reading experience that is important.

Perhaps this is where a good copywriter has the advantage over us mere bloggers? They create the interaction.  Think about the last time you read an advert about a product that made you want to rush out and buy, buy, buy!
Or that book that keeps you spell-bound to the very last page?
Or even that Blog that made you want to research the topic further?

Words can be painted and moulded.


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