An Audience with the Pope?

Today, I will put into practice, the growing my audience. What is my audience? To me it is a group of people that wish to read what I write. (Content?) More importantly, is that they interact with me.

 Now I am not being that stupid to say I want to create a following as large as the Pope, or that what I say will be as important as what his Eminence says.
I do want a soapbox to stand on and I do want a crowd to gather around that soapbox.
Then, once the audience has assembled and I have sprouted my words of wisdom, hopefully they will listen and here what I say, so that once they have dispersed, I will then measure the effectiveness of what I have said by the size of the audience’s participation?

 Phew! What a mouthful?

 What to do next?
Let’s assume that I have built my Blog platform and it is in a reasonable state to support that soapbox.

 Audience building – a group, team, like minded people, followers.
Post Title – something that grabs their attention.
Content – is what I write interesting enough?
Interaction – get your Blog users to connect with you.
Retention – making sure your followers stay longer than a day

Have peep at these clever bloggers:

 Now I do not agree with everything the wise people above say, but then I am just pigheaded! It is easier to try what they say rather than trying to reinvent the wheel.
I mean to say that they have, after all, been around the block a few times and achieved success in their respective fields of endeavour.
But it is also great to try your own ideas and after falling down a few times, you may learn a few tricks of your own?


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