Credibility, Background and the Learner Blogger.

As a Learner blogger, I spend some of my time, researching the do’s & don’ts of blogging. Along the way, I have spoken to various people in the industry, trying to glean from their advice, what may be a good path to follow.
Yes, I too want to jump tall buildings when I blog!

So far, I have come to the following conclusion. Either more research is required or I should just go ahead and do my own thing, letting my words fall where they may.

Three points are concerning me. OK, so I will keep my driving skills out of it for the time being!
(1) How Credible is the blogger I am reading?
(2) What is their background; Journalist, Mechanic, Politician (Wow?)
(3) Are they trying to get you to buy their super system?

So watch this space and if I remember, I will give my findings at a later date.


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About Richard J Lester

I write because I enjoy it and at times, am pretty darn good at it! Do not feel shy, I accept most forms of payment?

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