Tempus Fugit

Why does time seem to speed up the older you get?

Ian Peacock (BBCRadio 4 circa 2009?) finds out what is going on in our brain when we perceive time. He discovers why, when we’re young, summer holidays seem to stretch forever. But as we age, those precious two weeks in the sun are over in a flash.

Very wise words indeed!
Somehow, over the last few days, my serious part of life, the very essence of surviving the trials & tribulations of daily life, has got in the way of my daily snippets of writing.

Why? I am not quite sure. Maybe it is indeed what Ian says, that time has a different relationship with you, the older you get.

I am starting to believe it is ‘clutter’. Older people cannot deal with clutter as effectively as younger people. When you are younger, the call it hyper activity; when you are older, they say you are slow off the mark.
This could be very disturbing?

So, feeling very remorseful, I will turn my attentions once more to the scratch pad. Let the interruptions of life take a second seat, so to speak.


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