Can one write when not happy?

With the modern life and daily stress levels going up and down like you were still playing with a pogo stick, writers could find their writing becomes far from perfect.
It stutters and starts with the rhythm of  one’s feelings at that time.

Take the other day, for instance. My local utility provider had managed to foul up my account and in a moment of weakness, I had the foolish idea that I could draw their attention to the mistakes. Silly me?
Yes, you guessed it, they immediately disconnected the service!

Well. all my attempts at writing that day went out the window. I bristled with anger, venting my rage on the new kettle. I forget what happened to the old one?
I was not a happy chappie.

Fortunately, a fellow scribe pointed me to a Blog he had come across some time ago and one which still gets replies posted to it to this day.
I now keep this Blog handy, for those days when I am not too happy.




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About Richard J Lester

I write because I enjoy it and at times, am pretty darn good at it! Do not feel shy, I accept most forms of payment?

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