Computer, typewriter, pen or pencil?

The manner by which writers have recorded their thoughts has change over the years, from before Mark Twain, right up until todays scribes.
Most modern authors transfer their ramblings from mind & heart to paper or disk, via a computer. However there are some older writers that are set in their ways and refuse steadfastly to use the pen and paper, transcribing the drafts in long hand.

One of my favourite TV re-run programs, ‘Murder She Wrote’, shows the lead actress, banging away at her typewriter and then, later in the series, adapting to the computer.
Whatever your choice, it is not that important. The story is. Let the words flow forth, with the knowledge that you will be bringing much pleasure to your readers,

An afterthought. Thank goodness my doctor uses a computer; her handwriting is quite atrocious!


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6 responses to “Computer, typewriter, pen or pencil?”

  1. Pete Denton says :

    I like to take notes in pencil (for some reason) and make edits on paper in pen. But writing has to be on my laptop.

    • RichardJ Lester says :

      It is years since I last used a pencil, jotting down ideas or correct drafts.
      Tried it this morning and discovered the ‘long hand’ writing ability has suffered dramatically!
      Quite sad?

      • Pete Denton says :

        We don’t write much any more. I’m so used to typing that when I started keeping a note book my writing was more like a series of scribbles. I find the pencil easy to write with but I’m not saying I can read it afterwards!

  2. Musha Slater says :

    Writing is tiresome but usually, I write plot notes by hand. It’s hard to write a plot line with a computer or typewriter because they don’t flow. Writing by hand feels natural and thus, the plot feels natural. At least, that is what I’m thinking.

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