Choosing the right Blogging Platform

Although I have started with as my blogging platform, I am still researching the pros & cons of which one may ultimately be the final choice?

One of the links listed below (from Debra) show a flow chart of possible choices.
From using a ‘free’ provider to going your own domain route.
Quite useful.
The sums involved are not large; the more important decision is whether your free choice of platforms will easily transfer all the info, should you switch at a later date.
All your current work may well be lost!
Perish the thought?

Reading some of the blog forums are not much help. There appears to be the Heinz theory; 57 flavours to choose from. each post saying their choice is the best.

The one thing that does stand out and quite frankly, is troubling me at this point in time, is whether I can customise my blog site with other goodies, such as affiliate banners and other links that could possibly end up helping me pay for the ‘final’ transition.


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