Painting a word picture

Painting a word picture is defined as ‘a graphic or vivid verbal description’.
An example of how an author takes the reader by the hand and places them right there, where the author wants them to be, is Wilbur Smith.
His artwork of describing an African scene where the action takes place is beyond greatness. You can feel, smell and taste the environment!

The use of descriptive words will help a reader better understand the scene you are trying to set, the feelings you are trying to convey.

You must appeal to all the readers senses, inviting to become more emotionally involved in the story.

Perhaps it becomes more difficult to set the story in a place you have never been to. Could this be possible? How does one find enough details to make the description of the place, event or town more plausible?

More established authors have a bank balance that allows them to travel to the exotic places, or even have a bunch of researches at their disposal.

Us lesser mortals, starting out on the long dusty road of our writing careers, may stumble from the Internet to library, to even the local travel agency, to glean facts about the streets of New York or an Egyptian market place. Some even take notes of an event on the television, for later use.

Of course you, as a writer, will always receive criticism from yours readers such as “I would love to see him trying to catch a cab/taxi at that hour!” or “The corner of Hollywoodand Vine does not exist in Daytona!”
I often wonder about inaccuracies when writing a fictional story; it is, after all, fiction?

Not really. You are taking your reader to a mystical place that really exists in their mind or a place they have actually been to.

Try not to disappoint them?


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