Resources for writers

When one starts down the road of writing, the need sometimes arises to research a particular topic and having access to resources.

In the early days, what you could call BC, or before computers and hence the internet, I guess most writers spent a lot of their research time in libraries. Now we Google things; how strange?

Now forgetting about those writers that hate computers, use typewriters or pen & paper to record their thoughts, one can spend a few minutes or hours and days on the net.

That action, in itself, can be a problem, but let’s leave it for another day and another post.

I have found quite a few sites that are interesting and some that are enjoyable, like ‘’ – a forum that offers great tips and discussions of many facets of writing.

Then there are the dedicated sites dealing with specifics, like grammar, editors, publishing companies and so forth.

An important part of research or surfing the internet is discipline. Like writing that fiction novel, you must set a time and place to do it, otherwise you will be like me, lost in a world of distractions and nothing will get done!

At this point in time, I am still building a list of my favourite resources. Only time will tell how effective they become.


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One response to “Resources for writers”

  1. Musha Slater says :

    A somewhat funny advice. I think that books are still important. Internet usually distracts us, at least me in which case but information obtained is fast. Ups and downs. You decide.

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