Writing for pleasure.

There are various forms of writing for pleasure. Some even earn money and as we all know, even writers need to go to the supermarket to buy food.

Personally, I enjoy fiction writing the most, slipping into the make believe world of good guys & bad guys, with the odd babe thrown in for good measure.
Then comes the blog writing, content for websites and sometimes the really fun stuff, like an email to a Secretary of State, telling him that his department is not ‘fit for purpose’
Are they fair game or not?

Finally, there is the freelance writing, supply articles to the monster that devours words by the millisecond. This is my main source of income; the one that should pay the utility bills. That is if you can get to aggree what your words are worth with the person wanting them.

Some say that the best freelance writers come from two ares in the industry. One, the proffessional route of university, journalism and a speciality field of endeavour. The other, from the school of hard knocks, learning their craft and refining it as they pay their dues.
There may well be a third group, the ones that just write for fun, their love of the written word coming from deep inside them, their skill being purely heartfelt.

Perhaps you have some thoughts on this?


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About Richard J Lester

I write because I enjoy it and at times, am pretty darn good at it! Do not feel shy, I accept most forms of payment?

2 responses to “Writing for pleasure.”

  1. mushaslater says :

    Completely true. There are people that write just for fun. If you read my blog, you’ll see stories I wrote but I don’t even get money or anything from it, just reward and satisfaction of writing. It’s all to sharpen my skills in writing. Even my blog url is fictionfreedom.blogspot.com. That’s the best thing when writing for fun, your fiction becomes free.

    Anyways, this is a good blog. You have only two posts now but this is definitely going to be a fun-to-read blog. Looking forward to your next post.

  2. richardjlester says :

    Many thanks for kind words.
    The future successes await us both.

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